Saturday, October 3, 2009

Letter to Smt. Sonia Gandhi

Respected Sonia Gandhi Ji,

I write this with a very heavy heart, hurt as I am due to my name having been mentioned in the Justice Nanavati Report on the basis of complete distortion of facts.

I need hardly reiterate my unstinting loyalty to the party and your family, my association with both having been since 1972.

Madam, I have become a victim of sustained conspiracy by my political adversaries including from within my party.

I find that the development of last two days have taken a turn which have created an embarrassing situation for you personally and for the government, hence I am enclosing my unconditional letter of resignation from the council of Ministers, addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister, and I trust this shall enable you to take a decision in the interest of the party.

Once again take this opportunity to assure you Madam that as always, I shall remain a loyal congressman.

With respectful regards,

Yours sincerely

Jagdish Tytler